Express Bike Works Machine

EBW is India's first and fastest automatic motorcycle wash machine. Designed and developed indigenously, this machine can wash the dirtiest of a motorcycle in just 2 minutes. The environment-friendly design recycles and reuses water, keeping operational cost low. EBW is tested and approved by several Indian and international motorcycle manufacturers.

Automatic Car Wash Machine

Latest in the line of products from Entropy is this fully automatic car wash machine. This machine can wash a mighty SUV or the tiny Nano. The smart machine can reach under the chassis and wheel arches too. Automatic shampoo and drying system ensures you get the car washed and shined in a matter of minutes. The machine has an inbuilt water recycling system that ensures you minimize water wastage.

Waste-water ETP

A fully automatic and compact Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) designed for treatment of wastewater from kitchens of housing societies or corporate parks, Swimming Pool water, wastewater from industrial washing or automobile washing plants. This unit separates sludge from water and discards it separately. It further treats water to remove Lead, Oil & Grease, Chlorine, COD, BOD, Odor as well as Color and neutralizes pH. The innovative mechanism allows a drastic reduction in cost compared to existing industrial solutions. Patent pending.

TLD Badge reader

A TLD badge reader machine is an automatic reader used for monitoring radiation dose received by the personnel working in a radiation environment. It processes 50 TLD cards automatically with a processing time of 30 sec/dosimeter. Conceptualized by India's premier nuclear research center, we have not only reinvented the looks but also improved its ease of use, in addition to the improved internal mechanism for compactness and efficiency.

Berth Management

A comprehensive solution for material handling and management for the Indian Railways' Berth reconditioning workshop. This unique combination of trademarked Berth Holding Racks (BHR) and innovative Height Adjusting Trolley Lift (HAT) simplifies logistics and inventory management issues. This solution mechanizes labor intensive tasks, optimizes space usage and increases the throughput of the workshop.

Tail-Gate Lift

Loading and unloading from a truck at the flick of a switch. Designed and developed for India's leading furniture e-tailer, this machine addresses their last-mile delivery problems related to material handling due to labor uncertainties. With a load carrying capacity of up to 0.5Ton, the platform is modular in design allowing handling furniture of abstract shapes in 25-30 seconds.

Home Automation

A micro modular device that fits into a standard household's electrical switch panel and transforms that house into a Smart-Home. The design of its case and the core features are designed to be in sync with a modern urban lifestyle. No matter wherever you are on the globe, your home remains under your control.


Founded in 2013 by three IIT and IIM alumni, ENTROPY is an engineering innovations company. With our strong engineering research and development capabilities, we are contributing our bit in pushing the technological frontiers that the world is currently at.

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